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Binoculars Binoculars

Viewing objects through binoculars magnifies the image and defines details not viewed by the naked eye. The Bird Seedery stocks Alpen and Vortex binoculars. They offer quality optics at an affordable price and have proven to be very reliable. Alpen and Vortex binoculars are covered by a lifetime, no blame, no fault, no problem warranty.

We stock a nice selection for all uses in the medium to low price range.

With higher magnification you have to have a steady hand. Often times less magnification is better and you will also have a wider field of view. We will show you the difference and let you decide.

Is higher magnification better?

Roof -Prism systems are less bulky and more rugged that an equivalent Porro model. The Porro system provides greater perception and generally offer a wider field of view. We will allow you to do a hands on test to see which style you prefer.

If you use them to watch birds out your window, a larger pair might be ok. However, if you are more active, you might prefer a more compact pair that is water-proof. We have a good selection from which to choose.

When will you use your binoculars?

Which style do you prefer?

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