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Birds can survive on their own, but the reason we feed the birds is to draw them near to us for our viewing pleasure. Watching the birds is a relaxing pastime that can be enjoyed by the entire family. You will appreciate nature more when you watch the birds interact.

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We not only recommend the right seed for your environment but, we also discuss with you the proper feeder in which to place the seed. We stock dozens of feeders made by American made companies, many with lifetime warranties and all made to last for many years.

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No, not all bird seed is the same. Just because there is a picture of a Cardinal on the bag doesn't mean it's going to attract Cardinals. Prices vary primarily because of what seeds are in the mix. Bags that contain a lot of filler that the birds don't eat, such as milo and wheat, tend to be cheaper mixes. Mixes like our "No Mess" mix tends to be higher in price but, all birds eat the seed, there is no shell to clean up, and there is no germination. So actually, the more expensive seed tends to be a better value.

We offer seed in 5# bags for easy handling or a larger 25# bag which we will carry out for you.

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