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Houses Book

Providing shelter and giving birds a place to raise their young is essential and something you can do to keep birds in your habitat.

Having a field guide makes identifying birds much easier.


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You cannot always attract certain species. Certain birds prefer an open area free of trees, other like a wooded area, whereas others prefer a brushy area, you can develop your habitat over time and we can help you do that.

What kind of a habitat do you have?

The birds that do not use houses are called "open cavity nesters". We know the difference and can suggest the proper size of a house for those that do prefer a nesting box.

Some houses are more decorative that functional. Birds prefer a certain size box with a specific entrance hole size. Perches are a no no because they give a place for other birds to land. We have a super selection of great looking houses that the birds would be proud to make their home.

Pretty does not always mean functional

Not all birds use houses

The Bird Seedery Has the Perfect Bird Houses